The pipes, the pipes ……

The Ninja now has some new Yoshimura, R77 slip on pipes. I went for stainless steel with carbon fiber end caps, though I was sorely tempted by full carbon. Some better pics to follow, but here are a couple I shot indoors yesterday. The weight saving is substantial.

I should have taken a pic when unboxing. Basically it looked like the pipes were wrapped in plastic, placed in a long cardboard box and then gap filling foam was sprayed around them. This is the box of foam after the pipes had been removed.


4 thoughts on “The pipes, the pipes ……

  1. Mate the pipes look sensational, better than those butt ugly standard pipes. Yikes.
    Bet they sound good too, better put up a little video of how they sound I think.

    How many kg’s lighter are they than standard?

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