World Superbikes 2014 Phillip Island

Mrs T and I enjoyed a grand day out on Saturday at the World Supers. Here’s a few pics of some of the stars on track. Lots more to come when I’ve been through the hundreds of pics that I took!

Haslem looks good on the PATA Honda.

Melandri wound up third in Super-pole and second in race one on Sunday.

Guiliano has restored some dignity for Ducati, and finished 2nd on pole.

Sykes came off just near us, ruining his chances for pole.

A highlight of Saturday was the battle between Wayne Maxwell (No 1) and Josh Hook (No 34) in the Australian Superbike race. Those guys were neck and neck and swapped places at the head of the field several times, untill Maxwell binned it on the entry to Lukey Heights.

The stunter was pretty entertaining as well.

Interesting looking newcomer!

For lots more pics of Australian Superbikes, World Superbikes and from around the circuit, click HERE

At the Expo at the track I purchased  one of these Kaoko throttle locks – which I was actually about to buy online anyway. I think that it’s a much nicer gadget than the Vista throttle lock I had bought but never installed.

They got a great review by Web Bike World HERE


Another short ride

I took a mid week run from Geelong along the GOR to Lorne, then headed inland to Forrest via Dean’s Marsh. My plan to ride Turton’s Track and the Otways was thwarted when it started to rain. At least it wasn’t smokey up there.The air quality in Geelong and Melbourne has been the worst for years due to smoke haze from the bushfires.

Straight after the ride I took the ZX14 to JK Motorcycles for its 6,000Km service. JK was telling me that Cameron Donald (a recent IOM winner) was spotted in the Otways after the historic meeting at Phillip Island. He apparently introduced himself to one Geelong motorcyclist  who had no clue who he was!


Coast in the AM, inland for the PM

I took a short solo coastal ride Thursday morning, then a twilight ride to Andy’s place in Ballarat with Marty. In the morning I experimented with an old camera on a lanyard for some pics ‘on the fly’.

The morning ride

Below: main beach at Lorne Vic.

Below: The Lorne to Dean’s Marsh road

Not speeding!

The afternoon ride

Marty and I headed off a little after 5.00pm and took some back roads via Mt Mercer inland to Ballarat. It had warmed up to around 33C, but the riding was pleasant until……. Marty suffered a puncture of his rear tyre. He’s unsure what did it, but it left a large hole, though nothing was embedded. Fortunately we had a puncture plugging kit and once we located the hole had it “fixed”  and headed on to Andy’s motorcyle restoration workshop. The three pics below demonstrate completed, in progress and yet to be touched projects. All are 1973 Suzuki two strokes, 250, 350 and 750 respectively.

As the tyre plug was leaking slightly we left Marty’sZX14R and rode home two up on mine. The plan being to get a new tyre fitted the next day.

Here’s an update: the T350 Suzuki that was “in progress”is now completed. Pics below.

A nice pair.



Fog then hot in the Otways

Marty and I took our usual Otways circuit today. We left reasonably early as the temp was forecast to be 37C here today and warmer inland. We met at 8.30 am and rode carefully in fog for the first few kilometers until the sun broke through. Once the sun came out it warmed up quickly. It was around 31C at Gellibrand and on the inland section of the GOR – then amazingly it dropped down to 20C at Apollo Bay. A wallaby sitting on the edge of the road mid corner at Burton’s Lookout certainly focused my attention! Thankfully it jumped back into the bush instead of into my path.

We had a great run on the twisty stuff on both the GOR and the run from Skene’s Creek up to Forrest, with very little traffic to hold us up – though there was a stack of traffic heading in the opposite direction.

The final leg home from Forrest to Geelong was pretty warm with my bike’s ambient temp showing 37C (98F). I actually wore my Gortex lined textile jacket rather than leathers today and was more comfortable (a relative term in these temps) than I was in leathers yesterday. Despite the last section being so hot, it was still a most enjoyable run of approx 310 kms – and the new Yoshimura pipes were music to my ears!


Short trip on the Great Ocean Road

I took a short run along the GOR from Geelong to Lorne, then up through the bush to Deans Marsh. From there it was further inland to Colac and then back to Geelong along Hwy 1. Although a sunny day was forecast the section along the coast was kinda gloomy – not quite fog but more than simply cloudy. First stop was at Airey’s Inlet for a photo of the ZX14R with it’s new exhausts.

As I approached Urquhart Bluff I saw some powered parachutes cruising along the cliff tops so pulled in and took a few shots.

The ‘fella below spotted me taking photos and cruised by so that I could snap a close up.

The run from Lorne through the curves to Deans Marsh was the highlight of the trip really. I was home before midday with 190kms on the clock and all set for a longer ride tomorrow with Marty. Forecast is for a sunny day and a temp of 35C.