Short trip on the Great Ocean Road

I took a short run along the GOR from Geelong to Lorne, then up through the bush to Deans Marsh. From there it was further inland to Colac and then back to Geelong along Hwy 1. Although a sunny day was forecast the section along the coast was kinda gloomy – not quite fog but more than simply cloudy. First stop was at Airey’s Inlet for a photo of the ZX14R with it’s new exhausts.

As I approached Urquhart Bluff I saw some powered parachutes cruising along the cliff tops so pulled in and took a few shots.

The ‘fella below spotted me taking photos and cruised by so that I could snap a close up.

The run from Lorne through the curves to Deans Marsh was the highlight of the trip really. I was home before midday with 190kms on the clock and all set for a longer ride tomorrow with Marty. Forecast is for a sunny day and a temp of 35C.