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The middle of a public holiday long weekend is not always a great time to ride motorcycles, right? Well it can be OK if you are thoughtful about the route. Rather than the frustration of following the herd of tourists & day trippers traveling along the Great Ocean Road from Melbourne, we headed inland to the get to the Otways, then intercepted the GOR at Lavers Hill and then rode the rain forest section to Apollo Bay, against the flow of tourist traffic heading for the 12 Apostles. From Apollo Bay we tracked inland to Forrest, then took the back roads back to Geelong. It was perfect weather, with blue sky and not a puff of wind. The temps ranged around the 24C mark for most of the trip, but got up around 32C for the last 50kms.

Helmet hair, but hey, it’s from a new helmet!

Mrs T’s brand, spankin’ new Shoei TZX in anthracite color

Mrs T enjoying the day out

We made salad rolls for our lunch, thus avoiding the hassle (and expense) of buying food and enabling a lunch stop in a beautiful, deserted Otway’s picnic area.

I was surprised how neglected this spot was, and what used to be a well defined walking track was now all but overgrown.

I don’t have any pics other than this spot as we were enjoying the riding too much to stop! All up, the ride was around 300 kms.






6 thoughts on “More Otways goodness

    • Hey Lorraine, it is a poorly signposted picnic spot about 4 kms along the Great Ocean Road towards Apollo Bay from Lavers Hill. We took Mum here for a picnic once when she was still well enough to walk a little way down that (now overgrown) hiking track. I recall that she actually spotted a large owl watching us.

  1. Nice helmet Jules – Shoei fit me better than any other brand. Got to agree with your comments about photographs vs keeping going. It truly is a great day out when you see a fabulous photo op but you’re so in the Zone that it’s impossible to stop!

    • G’day Geoff, I’m a Shoei fan as well. We still have Dorothy’s 1976 Shoei covered in dust on a shelf in the garage. I’m planning to photograph and compare them both. One of the few advantages of riding alone at times, is that I’m more likely to stop to take photos.

      • Great day out mate, and you kept it cheap by taking your own lunch. Nice.

        Do you know how hard it was riding around NZ and not stopping to take a picture. Sometimes I had to force myself to stop, then other times I was in the zone.

        • Steve, I’m really enjoying your NZ ride report. It is so much more detailed than the one I did. I saw a guy on tour recently with a small recording device dictating some notes to himself, which I thought wasn’t a bad idea actually.

          My biggest photo regrets was riding past a mob of wild brumbies up Elliot Way in the Snowys and thinking “I wont stop for a photo – they are only bloody horses!”

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