Inland run

I departed from my usual coastal routes and took a run inland to some of central Victoria’s old goldfields areas. Just on 400 kms in perfect conditions, made all the better by the lack of traffic.

I had intended to head to Maldon via Daylesford, however, changed my mind once the wheels were turning. I took a few photos at both Clunes and Talbot, however, they didn’t actually look that good. Rather than conveying the historic charm and character of the townships, the pics just seemed to convey neglect and decay. Fortunately the former goldfields region now boasts a thriving wine and tourism industry.

After stopping for a Coke in Clunes and a quick lap of Talbot, I headed up to Maryborough for fuel, then headed to Beaufort via Avoca for lunch. The run to Beaufort through the bush to Ampitheatre was really scenic, and a welcome change, after the parched open countryside that preceded it.

Vineyards directory at Avoca. This area is referred to as the Pyrenees wine area.

Only rotunda in Australia with clocks apparently.

Kind of fitting really!

On the last leg home from Ballarat to Geelong I decided to take the Mt Mercer road so that I could take a look at the wind farm there. It has sixty-four turbines. Mt Mercer wind farm. The ZX14 clocked over the 8,000 km mark on the ride and is going like a train. It still has the original front tire (Bridgestone) and the rear Pilot Road 3 fitted 4,400kms ago looks barely worn. I must do some research on the new Pilot Road 4 recently released by Michelin to see if I can mix a front PR4 with a rear PR3.