Hi-Viz to be compulsory for learner riders in Victoria

A chance comment in a conversation with one of the salesmen at my local motorcycle store today led me to follow up on the proposed new Graduated Licensing System laws that will commence in October this year.

Current learner rider restrictions are LAMS approved bike, must display L plates, no mobile phone use, zero blood alcohol, can’t carry a passenger or tow a trailer. Some of the key features that are additional to current requirements will be that learners:

  • wear hi-viz vest or jacket
  • must have the headlight on at all times
  • can’t ride a manual gearshift bike if tested on an auto.

Once licensed, the restricted period will be increased from the current one year to three years. From 2015 tougher licensing requirement will also be introduced.

Full details HERE

Other than the fact that the Hi-Viz and daytime headlights are not evidence based initiatives (much contradictory research exists), it nearly took my breath away when I read that the State Gov’t are spending $2.92 million to implement this scheme FROM THE SO CALLED “Motorcycle Safety Levy“.

An interesting footnote is that when in opposition our current Premier agreed the Levy was unfair and promised to revoke it when in government. Yet another example of a politician breaking a promise – who would have thought!


4 thoughts on “Hi-Viz to be compulsory for learner riders in Victoria

  1. Very interesting Jules!

    Our government transport group work closely with your Victorian authorities so we might see it pop up here too. Massive opposition to compulsory Hh viz in NZ

    • Geoff, time will tell. One problem with Hi-viz is the lack of evidence re its effectiveness and I believe one study actually found that it increased target fixation by drivers. However, my main gripe with the changes is the way its being funded, namely out of the $70 per annum extra levy that I pay.

  2. Hi Jules,

    Besides the hi vis stuff all that is already in place in NSW, headlight’s are always on for any bike anyway aren’t they. And the licencing graduated system is here too unless you have had a drivers licence for a certain amount of time and are over 25yo (I think that’s the age), then it’s two years.

    And the restriction of riding a automatic is already here, one of the reasons I waited to get my bike before doing my test and not on the scooter.

    I do have to wonder why it’s costing them so much money to put these things into effect. I can see your point about where it’s coming from considering it’s yet another broken promise from yet another politicion.

    • Hi Brenda, interesting that the changes for Vic are the standard in NSW already. I’m all for improvements to licensing. As it stands it lags many decade behind in preparing novice riders for the reality of day to day riding. We’ve had the graduated licensing system for cars for some time, however, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t funded from some dodgy ‘safety levy’ on car drivers!

      Cheers Jules.

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