A wet day on the Great Ocean Road

…well actually not all of it was. From Geelong to Lorne was sunny and 12 C. From Lorne to Apollo Bay there were occasional drizzly showers, but the road remained dry, also 11C-12C. From Apollo Bay to Lavers Hill was wet – I guess that’s why it’s called rain forest! The road was very wet, however, was not too greasy because it was properly wet rather than damp. It was 7C most of the way along there and I was really appreciating the new heated grips. Lavers Hill was foggy and wet, but was my lunch destination. An excellent hamburger and a hot drink from The Shoppe really hit the spot. The rain had stopped on the section from Lavers Hill to Gellibrand, though the road remained pretty wet. Remarkably the roads from Gellibrand through Colac and back to Geelong were completely dry.

It was a great ride to get a feel for the new Michelin Pilot Road 4 tyres.  They are meant to be the ‘ducks guts’ (that’s a highly technical term) in the wet and I found the bike felt sure footed all day. Additionally, I’m sure that the bike turns in more quickly in the tight twisty stuff compared with the old PR3’s. These are exactly the type of conditions where it really pays dividends having great gear that is fit for purpose. I was comfortable and warm all day despite the low temps and rain, and thoroughly enjoyed the ride.

2 thoughts on “A wet day on the Great Ocean Road

  1. Mmm mmm that looks like a tasty burger.
    I love little places like this. Might have to stop in when we are down that way in September on our family holiday.
    Heated grips sound like the go

    • Steve, let me know your travel arrangements and see if we can catch up. The weather is still highly unpredictable in Sept so bring a variety of clothes!

      I’ve been thinking about the grips ever since our NZ trip. They really make a huge difference to my riding comfort in this cold weather.

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