Procrastinators first Spring ride for 2014

Some of the Procrastinators gathered in Spring sunshine to take a run down to Timboon for lunch and a catch up. Not bad going for us, seeing how it’s only the fifth day of Spring! We rendezvoused at Steve’s place near Colac, with me coming from Geelong and Andy from Ballarat. Below is a map of our route.

Shiny motorcycles, getting ready to hit the road.

We usually dine at the Timboon Distillery, however, today we opted for some good old fashioned pub grub and ate at the Timboon Hotel. Three steak sandwiches and plenty of banter later we headed off to Port Campbell for some fuel. After a short run along the Great Ocean Road past the 12 Apostles we turned inland again to Simpson, and then to Carlisle River where we pulled over to chew the fat a bit more. (We are becoming so complacent about the magnificent coastline and Apostles that we didn’t even stop for a photo). There was virtually no traffic at all. The countryside looked magnificent and green, but unfortunately most of the roads were a bloody disgrace. The asphalt was consistently potholed and featured plenty of depressions or ‘slumps’, typically on the entry to, or exits of, nice sweeping corners. In a couple of the worst sections the speed limit was lowered to 80 kph (as it has been for 12 months or so) and there was no sign of any road repair work being commenced. We rode to the poor conditions and still enjoyed the ride immensely, but really, these roads are dangerous and not what you’d expect in a first world country! I wish I’d stopped and taken some pics of just how bad some spots were.

Below: A pit stop at Carlisle River – which consists of an infant welfare center, a public hall and a couple of farm houses – not much else.

Andy’s Commando gleaming in the sunshine

We arrived back at Steve’s and cranked up the shed stereo, dragged some chairs outside and then basked in the sunshine as we chatted some more. All too soon I had to head back to Geelong. It was a great day out ‘fellas – I thoroughly enjoyed the riding and your company. All the better of course for being a weekday and choosing the roads less traveled, with the consequent lack of cars. All up I did around 350kms – yet another grand day out, and in the true Procrastinator’s spirit – no decisions were made about anything!


8 thoughts on “Procrastinators first Spring ride for 2014

  1. Great post and photos Jules. There is nothing better than a good ride and good conversation along the way. Thanks for sharing.

    • G’day Raymond, I’ve known these two fellas since we were teenagers, so we go back a long way. One of the aspects that I’m really enjoying is being able to ride on weekdays rather than the weekends.

      I purchased a Garmin 390LM from the place that you recommended in Sydney and it arrived mid week. I don’t have it wired in yet so wasn’t able to try it. However, I had mounted the new SENA SMH-10 headset and paired it to my phone. It was quite novel be able to answer a call from my wife as I was riding along and she was amazed by the clarity.
      Cheers Jules.

  2. Hi Jules, Firstly an apology. I have had a bit on my plate of late and not been online so apologies for not replying earlier.

    I am very glad you are happy with the GPS Jules and thanks for letting me know you bought one. I’ll be keen to hear of your experiences with it and what you think of it in due course.

    Like yourself, I really enjoy being retired and particularly enjoy the mid week rides. I find there is less traffic, less cops and less agro on the roads than on weekends, particularly in the big smoke and larger towns. Mid week rides with a mate are just the best providing you can dodge the 4 wheel drive brigade dropping off and picking up school kids! I am also interested in your thoughts on your comms unit Jules as I have a friend looking for something similar. They are really good now.

    Cheers, Raymond

    • G’day Raymond

      Certainly mid week riding is ‘the go’. Other than yourself, I asked a few fellas in the local Ulysses club for their recommendations re GPS and it only seemed to be the Tom Tom owners who were unhappy with their purchases. In terms of comms, there was no consensus and it was a bit like asking about the best oil or tyres to use!

      I went with the SENA as my priority was just to hear the GPS turn by turn instructions, rather than communicating with other riders,and the SENA is quite simple to use and easy to set up. Also, I really value the opinion of Geoff James (who used to blog on Confessions of an Ageing Motorcyclist and he really rates the SENA. He uses them for rider to rider communication in his role as an instructor with the Institute of Advanced Motoring (IAM) in New Zealand.

      From what I’ve read, it seems that Bluetooth has made great advances in the last couple of years. Like everything though, time will tell!

      I purchased my SENA head set from an online store based in Rowville, Vic, called Motorcycle Race Gear and had no problems with their service.

      Cheers Jules.

  3. Yep , Jules we always have a great time on our rides ,they are over all too soon , and I remember all the things I mean’t to mention when we stop, only its too late .These days it takes me a lot longer to get into the groove of the ride and find my confidence in the corners .
    What a great view it is watching you and Andy , folding left and right, turn after turn , gracerfully for miles and miles especially on such a temporate blue sky day , thanks for the company and we must repeat the performance asap with Marty next time
    Cheers Steve
    Ps pousoins not available at Timboon holel on Fridays

    • Steve, a great day’s riding and socializing. I was just saying to Andy yesterday, that I was more than happy with your pace when you were leading – with which he agreed.

      Cheers Jules.

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