Rear mudguard ADR to be scrapped

The Aust government has announced that the ADR requiring a rear mudguard (fender for our American friends) extension will be scrapped. I feel sorry for people who have been booked for removing it in the past!

Removing this outdated rule will mean that Australian bikes’ rear mudguards will be the same as in other countries.

Gov.t announcement in full HERE

It’s an ugly damned thing!


6 thoughts on “Rear mudguard ADR to be scrapped

    • Amazing isn’t it! Don’t get me started about bloody politicians though. When our State premier was in opposition he said that if they got into power they’d repeal the extra “Safety Levy” that we motorcyclists pay extra with our rego.“….unfair, discriminatory and bloody wrong” were his exact words. Guess what? They’ve been in power for around four years and we are still paying the unfair tax! In part the Levy pays for cops overtime wages to blitz motorcyclists – all for our own good of course.

    • Tail tidies etc are often targeted when there is nothing else to fault with a bike. I know that they had a blitz on them in the Black Spur area near Melbourne (Dandenongs) late last year.

  1. hope i will be able to get rid of the so called possum scraper that comes standard on the bmw
    i cannot seem to find any more info on the nsw transport sight

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