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A comment on one of my posts by Chillertek from the famous The Road to Nowhere blog indicated that he was down from Sydney and holidaying along the Great Ocean Road with his family. An email and a phone call later and we had tee’d up to meet for an early morning coffee in Apollo Bay.

Now I really get a buzz out of meeting people who I’ve come to know online, or ‘virtual friends’, in the flesh. My son insists that ‘online friends’ are not actually real friends – whereas I beg to differ!

Mrs T and I headed off at 7.00am and took the inland route to Apollo Bay via Forrest. I love riding in the early morning, MrsT less so. Though a chilly 7C in the hills, it was quite pretty with some fog swirling up through the gullies and the sun breaking through the gum trees. Here’s the route we took

Anyway, we had virtually just pulled our helmets off in front of the Apollo Bay bakery and Chillertek and his delightful family turned up. Sitting down outside in the sunshine in front of the bakery, we had an enjoyable conversation over coffee – easy when your both are motorcycle enthusiasts. Well an hour (plus) passed bye quickly. I was mindful that team Chillertek  had a trip to the 12 Apostles planned, so we didn’t want to hold them back any longer.

Pic courtesy Chillertek ‘The Road to Nowhere blog’

Steve, it was great to meet you, Kate and the girls. I will take pleasure in telling my son that online friends ARE indeed ‘real’ friends! Hope that you folk had a great day trip to the Apostles via some of what I consider to be the most scenic parts of the GOR. Hopefully you will have a pic or two that I can add to this as well.

MrsT and I had an excellent run back along the GOR to Lorne where we stopped for brunch, and then sat by the beach for a little while before heading home. Lorne has a huge population of sulphur- crested cockatoos about the town.They can live as long as humans (or longer) and I think this old fella might have a few kilometers on his odometer!

It turned out that the AFL grand final day is actually a pretty good day for motorcycling and socialising with like minded people.



6 thoughts on “Bloggers rendezvous

  1. another ride and a meet up with chillertek and family
    sounds like a great morning coffee meet up

    you certainly have some nice riding roads down that way

  2. Great post, Jules! I live in hope of catching up with all you guys too. Interestingly, we met an anaesthetist from Geelong on the Alaskan leg of our trip and we’re having dinner with another Geelong resident later this week. The world is a small place these days 🙂

    • G’day Geoff, great to hear from you & it would be great for you to email me the name of the Geelong medico as I may well have worked with them in the past. I actually know an anaesthetist who has been in the USA for his daughter’s wedding, but I don’t know if they were planning on going that far north.

      Are you actually back at home or still traveling?

      I guess that you have read the sad news re bobscoot (Bob Leong), one of the pioneering moto bloggers who loved to meet fellow bloggers. RIP Bob from riding the wet coast

  3. Hi Jules
    It was great to catch up with you and mrs T. Lucky you did have to go because like minded people could talk bikes all day, and I would have given half the chance. I enjoyed talking with you guys immensley, much better in the flesh than online. Oh an yes your son is wrong you can really have online real friends.

    Hope to catch up soon for a ride maybe…..


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