A wet track day at the Island

I went to PI to catch up with fellow blogger Chillertek and his mates who were down from Sydney to do two consecutive track days. Unfortunately the Island’s notoriously fickle weather came to the fore and really made it difficult. Geoff at least got out for a couple of laps on a wet track with his road tyres, however, there was no way Steve was going to get out on the track on his R1 with (brand new) slicks fitted. It was still good to catch up with Steve, meet Geoff, Stuart and Rick and also to see how a track day works.

I was surprised at the number of people from NSW who’d come to this event. I really felt sorry for them that the weather had been so cruel. After beautiful, sunny weather on Sunday, a change came through overnight and Monday turned out to be wet and stormy. I spoke to the fella with the ZX10 pictured below as I was leaving the track and he’d just shelled out $660 to have a set of full wet race tyres fitted so that he could a least get some track time, rather than drive all the way back to Maitland (NSW) without having even been out.  He’d only booked for the Monday session.

As I drove home in the car and encountered a couple of storms of absolutely biblical proportions I was so glad that I hadn’t ridden there on the ZX14!

Some more pics HERE

5 thoughts on “A wet track day at the Island

  1. Hey! I know those blokes with the R1s! I hope they ditched the slicks and put some wets on, but by the look of the clown wearing thongs in the wet, I am not confident!

    • Geoff was the only one to get out yesterday, but I believe Chillertek had his road tyres remounted and has done some laps today Tuesday). I bet by the arvo the track is completely dry and ready for slicks again!

  2. Great report Jules. Pity about the weather as a track day at PI is just the best. I did one 10 years ago on their Triumph 600’s and it was without doubt the best day on the bikes I have ever done. If you are thinking of doing a track day at PI Jules, just go for it. Perhaps even hire one of their race bikes like I did. You wont regret it!

    • Raymond, I’ve never done a track day as one’s insurance cover is void on the racetrack. However, the prospect of riding around the Island track is VERY tempting. At least these fellas had booked in for two days as ‘insurance’ against bad weather. I felt really sorry for many other interstate riders who had traveled long distances, paid for accommodation etc only to have the day virtually washed out.

      The hire bikes are BMWS1000RR’s now. Some info HERE

  3. Hi Mate
    Enjoyed chatting with you again, even though we only got to sit around the garage on the first day.
    I did indeed refit the road tyres to get out on the track on the tuesday as it was still wet and couldn’t ride on slicks. It did dry up by lunch time but I thought I would save the slicks for an Eastern Creek day and just finish off the roadies.

    What can I say about Phillip Island but WOW. What an incredible race track. It is very very fast and flowing, I really love that sort of riding. Very high speed. I loved it.
    Also seeing some A graders sliding it in under brakes only 2 meters away was something special to behold.

    Those wet tyres were very expensive, not as expensive as the poor bastards who dumped the BMW S1000RR hire bikes and had to pay the $4500 excess. I’m lucky my bikes not worth that much.

    As usual excellent pics mate.

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