Speed Trials 2014 (Geelong Revival)

The weather conditions were perfect today for day 1 of the Geelong Revival – more commonly known as the Speed Trials. There were not many bikes competing today, but there were lots of interesting machines – both cars and motorcycles. A sample below

Paul Hallam, aboard the Hunwick Hallam.

Quite a few more high resolution pics HERE

I recommend that you click on ‘Slideshow’ once you get to the site.

8 thoughts on “Speed Trials 2014 (Geelong Revival)

    • Steve, yes it’s a great event and has no admission charge at all. It’s $10 to get full access to the pits which I consider great value.

      The Hunwick-Hallam wasn’t that loud. Paul’s main problems were that it wheel stands that much he couldn’t get a good start and that he hasn’t ridden it in years. It certainly created a lot of interest and I think that Paul was a little overwhelmed with the crowd that swamped him after his run.

      Unfortunately I missed the ladies ‘fashions on the field’ show – with all the girls and a few fellas dressed in retro outfits and apparently it really added to the vibe.

  1. Always a pleasure to see your great photos Jules. Lovely HRD and I’ve always had a soft spot for Holden SLR 5000’s. Drooled over one of Peter Brock’s at the Perth motor museum.

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