Beezas at Ballan

Despite a few rides with the Geelong Ulysses Club, it’s been an age since I last posted. Mrs T and I attended an event at the Ballan (Vic) horse racetrack today which involved historic trucks & cars, traction engines, a tractor pull, model aircraft, and motorcycles. More specifically it was the President’s Day of the BSA Owners Assoc of Vic. Below is a smattering of vehicles of interest. An aspect that I liked was that many of the BSA’s were ridden to the event rather than trailered and consequently looked appropriately ‘used’.

Lots more high resolution pictures CLICK HERE

Actually the turn out of BSA’s wasn’t that great, but there were plenty of other interesting motorcycles to look at.

And below is a completely unrelated pic of me in Clunes (Vic) a few weeks ago. Unfortunately it’s very low res.

Pic courtesy of John Cook.

4 thoughts on “Beezas at Ballan

  1. Jules I thought you’d have put up the shot of the EH interior ,we both spent a lot of time behind that wheel .
    Cheers Steve

  2. Hey Jules, Great post and some terrific images. I am very envious of your adventures as they are always interesting. Keep em coming and welcome back to the world of blogging. Cheers, Raymond

  3. Hi Jules, Terrific post on the Beezas and some wonderful photos. Thanks for that. I also tried to post earlier this week but nothing went through. Not sure what happened there!

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