Broadford Bike Bonanza 2015

I took my annual trip to the Broadford Bike Bonanza on Easter Sunday. It was a perfect autumn day for the event with no wind, plenty of sunshine and the temp around 22C. A friend of mine, Tim K, has come back to classic racing after a 20 plus year break and is in the process of shaking down a T500 Suzuki that he has recently rebuilt. So this was the first time for me to see his Suzuki in action, which was great and it always adds interest when someone you know is on the circuit. His Dad is an old hero of mine (see A Familiar Voice) and I was expecting to see him as well, however, he had some bike trouble on Saturday and didn’t stick around for Sunday. I arrived around and things were in full swing. The theme for this year was former Bathurst racers.

Below is a selection of some bikes that took my fancy.

Tim K aboard the T500 Suzuki

TK 09 (2)

‘Beak’ on the former John Woodley Suzuki.

A well-used, road going Norvin, with South Australian rego. I wonder if it was ridden here?

I still love the style of the beautiful Honda CB750 Four engine, shown to advantage below

Speaking of old Honda 750’s, Paul Kerlin in the pic below had traveled all the way from Emerald in Qld to show his wares. He makes cast pistons for the Honda 750cc motors and was very generous with his time talking to me. His business is Kerly’s Custom Connection, however, I don’t think he has a website.

How’s this for stepping back in time. I didn’t hear it running but I’m told it started first kick.

I saw this lady being photographed and wondered who she was. Tim knew that she is Peggy Hyde, a 1970’s road racer with considerable ability. It’s really well worth reading about her in this AMCN article HERE. Better still, listen to her at THIS LINK

I’ve posted a gallery of pics HERE. I advise clicking on ‘Slideshow’ when you get to the page.

Those who know me, know of my love of the mighty Vespa, so I will finish with a pic of two of them!


10 thoughts on “Broadford Bike Bonanza 2015

  1. Great post Jules and and absolutely great photos. Just wish I could have been there to experience it with you. Cheers, Raymond

  2. Hi Jules,

    Congratulations – that’s an outstanding post mate! Your photos in slideshow mode are superb. Isn’t it amazing that despite the value and rarity of these machines, competitors give no quarter. So many lovely machines but my favourite would be the Rob North Rocket 3 replica. I have great memories of seeing the factory 3’s racing in the UK in the 60’s – best sounding bikes ever!

    • Thanks Geoff. Part of what I miss out on is knowing some of the history and pedigrees of some of the machines. What makes it really interesting and what I’m going to research a bit more is who has owned and ridden specific bikes, not just the mechanical evolution of a given brand or model. To do that really adds value to going to historic meetings.

  3. Hi Jules,it was nice to meet you and to give me a rap.
    I arrived home in Emerald last week,spent some time in
    Brisbane with my Brother John,who was with me at Broadford.
    I travelled about 6,500klms round trip to attend the meet,and
    was glad I made the effort,again thanks for your kind words.
    Regards Kerly.

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