Freezing but fine

I took a solo run today to scout out a ride that I’m leading in a couple of weeks time. The average temp for the day was around 5C, and was hovering around 3C for quite a while in the early am. All up it was around 415 kms, which was about 50 kms too much in those low temps! Just a few pic for now but some more words to follow.

The Moto Bean cafe

Big barn doors for running cars into the building.

A juicy burger. Not cheap at $17.50 though.

A view from Mt Alexander, near Harcourt Vic. A chilly 3C – 4C up there. Great views of orchards on the ride in and of vineyards on the ride out.

9 thoughts on “Freezing but fine

  1. Hi Mate
    Very chilly conditions to be riding in. Thats a fantastic looking burger.

    I saw 11°C on the last ride and thought that was a little chilly and that was only for a couple of hours. Looking forward to your ride report.

    • Thanks Steve. Yes a bit too chilly for a long ride for these old bones! The heated grips really are the difference between the ride being OK as apposed to being just plain miserable.

      I saw a fella this week on a brand new R1 like yours, riding in town in shorts and a T -shirt on a freezing day. When he saw the Shoei sticker on the back of my car he pulled up alongside and then popped a 40 meter long wheelie and was probably doing about 110 kph by the end of it (in a 60 kph zone). A very high risk spectacle!

  2. Sounds like a squid all right. Nice to see he had appropriate safety gear not.
    The new R1 has an anti wheelie control on it called LIF so it will stop you from flipping it.

  3. Hi Jules, Great post and photos as usual mate. Well done there.
    The Moto Bean Cafe brings back lots of good memories that’s for sure. Do let me know when when that ride you are leading is on and I shall see if I can’t join you somewhere along the way. Cheers for now, Raymond

    • G’day Raymond, it was as a consequence of one of your write ups that I went there in the first place. We will be there on Sunday 19th July all being well.Look forward to catching up if you can make it. Cheers Jules.

  4. Hey, that sounds like a grand idea Jules. I’ll do my best to make it. What time do you plan on getting their?

  5. And morning tea Jules. Where do you plan on stopping for that? If it is not too far away I may try for that too!

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