A new low ….

… temp for me to start a ride in this morning!

I wound up doing around 365 kms for the day, all in sub 7 C temps.

Lunch at the Moto-Bean cafe Malmsbury, (see prior post) then later that day at Mt Alexander with the Ulysses Club members. Fellow Ulyssian from Melbourne (and former prolific blogger) Raymond Herd met us at Ballan for morning tea and then rode to the cafe with us. Just as we were leaving when another friend and Ulyssian from Bendigo, Rob H, showed up. Sorry we didn’t really get a chance to have much of a chat Rob!

Rob’s Victory has a heated seat as well as grips. A luxury touring machine.

Grassy’s new Honda CTX 1300

Unfortunately it was a boring run home from Newstead onwards, however, I wanted to get us back as quickly as possible as the temperature had remained under 8C for virtually all of the trip and there were a couple of new riders who were feeling the pinch with the combination of the distance and cool temps.


6 thoughts on “A new low ….

  1. Hi Jules, I thoroughly enjoyed the day despite the cold. The ride with the Ulysses Geelong mob and chance to catch up with you was terrific. I always enjoy the Moto-Bean Cafe with it’s great meals and service, not to mention the stunning motorcycle displays. Thanks for a great day and cheers, Raymond

  2. Hi Jules, Sadly no pics and no bike. When I sat on it and rode it I found it was not what I wanted so I opted out. (sob) Now I have to start all over again (sigh)

    • Raymond, I’m sure that must have been difficult. However, you can’t ignore the wisdom you have gained over a lifetime of riding so I’m sure that you have made the correct decision.

      Personally, I can’t see myself owning anything other than a Japanese motorcycle.

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