Victorian helmet standards amended

From 6 Aug 2015 the helmet standard for Victoria has been amended to include European standard ECE 22.05 (or any later version of that standard). Here is a link to the Vic Roads web site with the details CLICK HERE¬†It’s backdated to June 2000 according to the Gov.t Gazette.

There has been some intense lobbying behind the scenes and Qld and Vic have moved with the times and with safety data. My understanding is that the Aus / NZ 1698 standard results in heavier, more rigid helmets due to our requirement for resistance to puncture with a sharp object for the top of the helmet. This outdated requirement is not required in other countries. So common sense and safety have prevailed. What will the implications of this be for private importing and pricing?

Some of the legal argy bargy that has been going on regarding motorcyclists being booked for having tinted visors or GoPro cameras attached to helmets. The cases have all been withdrawn as I understand it.

An article from Motorbike Writer well worth reading is at the link HELMET CAMERA CASE


4 thoughts on “Victorian helmet standards amended

  1. It looks like a good outcome for rider north and south of the border here.
    However this raises an even more interesting question. What if your european helmet is not legal if you ride your bike into NSw, will you be fined for using it here. I can see that happening with the Police saying your wearing a non compliant helmet. This law needs to be Australian wide and not just in 2 states.
    Lets hope they overhaul the helmet laws here to include these and make Gopros, sena completely legal with out the police issuing fines due to loop holes etc

  2. Hey Steve, hopefully we will get some uniformity of regulations now that some common sense is beginning to prevail. From what I’ve read the Vic cases concerning tinted visors and GoPros have just been quietly dumped. I know Maurice Blackburn lawyers were representing the motorcyclists in Vic and the NSW M/C Council and another lawyer for free also. Really good article about the NSW fella at

    As for travelling interstate, believe it or not, there is actually something in our constitution that protects us from prosecution. Whether that would was with a cop on the side of the road is a completely different matter of course!

  3. have asked a similar Q on a few forums about he legality between the different states and cant get a definite reply on the Q
    YOU THINK we lived in different countries the way they act

    • Hardly a very effective way to run a country with all these differing State laws is it? However, it does seem like some progress is being made, even though it’s at a snail’s pace.

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