South Australia, Barossa and Ikara Flinders Ranges

Lots of pics from my recent trip to the Ikara Flinders Ranges HERE

Some text to follow when the spirit moves me. In the meantime, below are some sample pics.

Wynns, Coonawarra

Rawnsley Bluff


4 thoughts on “South Australia, Barossa and Ikara Flinders Ranges

    • Thanks Steve! yes, quite a different sort of ride for us in that it didn’t involve twisty mountain roads. Getting out on those long straight roads did have a certain charm though. The only problem was that in many places we couldn’t open them up due to the wildlife. It was refreshing being able to legally ride at 110 kph though and not be watching out for cops wanting to nab you for 3 kph over the limit as happens here in Vic. Mind you, some of the major roads do have point to point timing cameras.
      Cheers Jules

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