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Quite by chance I was invited to the opening of the Torquay shopfront for Nevermind Adventure. They specialise in guided motorcycle tours of Rajasthan, the Himalayas and Nepal. The business is run by Matt Natonewski, formerly operating out of Perth WA. You can check out their website HERE

Matt – proprietor of Nevermind Adventure

Some of the guests at the opening of the Pearl St store, Torquay

Below is a picture of Hamish, who was the lucky winner of a trip for two, valued at $10,000

I was quite surprised at how much the Royal Enfields have progressed since I last looked at one. The bike pictured had Brembo brakes, good suspension and left side gear change.

It was a really interesting evening hearing about their tours, meeting the owners of some other motorcycle businesses based in Torquay and just meeting other local motorcycle travel enthusiasts – and the free beers were great as well. Thanks Matt!


4 thoughts on “Nevermind Adventure Torquay

  1. Hi Jules,
    Thinking on going on one of the adventures? A friend of mine is keen for us to ride Enfields in the Himalayas but I’m not sure about the dodgy driving in that part of the world!

    Those Enfields still look nice in my eyes. I always liked the Continental and GT models when I was a young fella and they’ve stuck pretty well to the same aesthetics. Wonder what the reliability is like?

    • My riding buddy Martin is retiring next year and he is proposing an OS motorcycle ride to celebrate. Not sure where we will end up, although I too have reservations about that part of the world. However, I am a bit keen on South Africa – up the coast from Capetown mainly. Forget the Harleys, but have a look at this SA video REUTHERS

      Royal Enfield are producing a ‘scrambler’ type bike now and Matt is evaluating one soon for his tours. I have no idea of their reliability, however, most of these tours have a mechanic accompanying them.

  2. sounds like a great tours to be able to go on
    and the enfields are sure different now
    they have a off road model coming out soon but not sure if its here to aus

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