Broadford Bike Bonanza Easter 2016

For quite a few years now we’ve headed to the Bike Bonanza at Broadford, and this year was going to be ‘make or break’ having left a bit disappointed last year. It was actually an excellent event which we thoroughly enjoyed, so I dare say that we will be back again next Easter. The road bike themes for this year were Moto Guzzi and Aussie Superbikes. Dorothy just loves 1970’s Le Mans Guzzi’s and has always lusted after one. The feature Guzzi was the 500CC V8 racer, which proved pretty temperamental to get running and we didn’t see it on the track at all. ¬†There were, however, two other V8 motorcycles present, the Drysdale 750¬†(see video at the end) and a PGM 2 litre. John Kaiser who has been the mechanic I go to for many years was there with his Kawasaki Z900 and friend Tim Kingston brought his T500 Suzuki along for a run. There were lots of old Pommie bikes in addition to the Guzzi’s, however, I most relate to 1970’s Japanese superbikes. A selection of pics below, but hundreds at this link BBB

JK getting a knee down

Highly desirable Norton 650 SS

The V8 Moto Guzzi being difficult


2 thoughts on “Broadford Bike Bonanza Easter 2016

  1. Great post and great images (as usual) Jules. I crashed out at the AGM in Tas and been out of circulation for a while but slowly catching up an the news and getting out and about. Keep up the good work and I hope to catch up again in the future when I am back on the bikes. Regards, Raymond

    • Hi Raymond, so sorry to hear that the new Africa Twin was a write off and that you were injured. Great news that you are on the mend and have purchased a new AT – congratulations. I will find out from the Geelong fella who wrote off his ST1300 where he came off. Cheers Jules.

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