Purrumbete for lunch

After coffee at Winchelsea with a group of 11 riders, 5 opted to follow Geoff to a little cafe at Lake Purrumbete, at an out of the way spot near Camperdown (Vic). Geoff led us on a scenic route around the lakes out of Colac and then it was a short run up the highway to Lake Purrumbete. We came home via Cressy, Shelford and Inverleigh. A great run of around 300kms in sunny conditions with temps between 9C and 12C.

Geoff’s new T120 (1200) Bonneville




2 thoughts on “Purrumbete for lunch

    • Chilly, but great when the sun was out for the whole ride. Cold snap has come today. We were at a pub near Daylesford today (went in the car) and 3 fellas came in on their quad bikes – it was 2C and raining outside. I thought that they were incredibly keen.

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