Spring Otways Loop

A week into Spring and it was a perfect day to do a loop of the Otways. My route was from Geelong to Deans Marsh and then on to Gellibrand for a drink and a chat with Paul who had just returned from 6 weeks of riding in Europe on his brand new KTM 690. From Gellibrand I headed up to Lavers Hill then along the Great Ocean Road. I went to the pier to eat my lunch and watched a commercial fishing boat being pulled out of the water. From Apollo Bay I headed to Skenes Creek and then turned inland to return home via Forrest. A great ride in near perfect conditions – sunshine, dry roads and virtually no traffic.

2 thoughts on “Spring Otways Loop

  1. Great photos Jules – lovely time of year to be riding before it gets too hot. What does your mate think of his KTM? Always reckoned they’d be great fun in the twisties. Nice looking bike too.

    • Hi Geoff, I agree that it’s the best time to be out riding. Believe it or not, wet bark along the GOR section from Lavers Hill to Apollo Bay is a major risk in Winter. It was a great run on dry roads yesterday. I think that Paul’s KTM is an off-road version. He is an extremely capable off-road rider. The KTM is still in transit back to Aus. What was interesting was that he was able to order an Australian Complianced model from the factory, which he had delivered to Romania privately, where he collected it.

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