Spring 12 Apostles loop

After months of apalling weather characterised by gale force winds and localised flooding, we finally cracked it for a perfect spring day on Friday. Inspired by a recent video that I saw on Facebook of the Ducati owners club of Vic run to the 12 Apostles, I decided to ride one of my favorite local loops. The route travels inland to Port Campbell, then back along a short section of the Great Ocean Road (in the opposite direction to the GOR tourist traffic) and then inland through some rain forrest. I also managed to drop in on Phil R, a mate from the Ulysses Club, and see his new abode at Deans Marsh. It was a sensational day of riding with little traffic, dams overflowing and the countryside more green and lush than I can ever recall.

I stopped in Simpson for my first break and then on to Port Campbell via Timboon.

Overlooking Port Campbell.

Lunch at the waterfront in Port Campbell.

This was a whole lot more tasty than it looks – proscuitto, egg, spinach and relish. A delicious lunch from an excellent, friendly place called ‘Forage‘ right oppposite the main beach. I actually took my plate from the cafe and walked across the road to be virtually on the beach for lunch.

From Port Campbell I headed just a few kilometers up the road to the famous 12 Apostles. I’ve been to the Apostles so many times in my life I have to admit that I get more of a buzz watching the helicopters than the scenery! (Maybe my son will buy me a joyflight for my next big birthday!)

I love the way that the grazing sheep seem completely unfazed by the chopper landing

From the Apostles I had a brilliant run through the twisties to Lavers Hill (my last run along this stretch of the GOR cost me 3 demerit points and $300 thanks to a newly imposed speed restriction and my inattention to the new signage) and then on to Beech Forest and Turtons Track.

From here it was another 20 kms of twisty bush roads to Forrest, then through mainly open farmland to Deans Marsh. After enjoying Phil’s hospitality I headed off andarrived home around 5.30pm after a magnificient day’s riding.











4 thoughts on “Spring 12 Apostles loop

  1. Looks like a fantastic day out on the bike. Looks like your 3 point fine is chicken feed compared to my last one at Easter – 8 points, only have 5 left.

  2. A ride like that is truly good for the soul Jules! Just like you, we’ve suffered appallingly wet and windy weather over the last month or so but there are promising signs!

    Like you, I copped a ticket a couple of months ago which was my first on a bike for nigh on 2 decades – 115 km/hr in a 100km/hr limit. NZ$80 and 30 demerits which is the same as your 3 points. I have no excuse other than it was a twisty back road with nothing on it other than me….. and the cop who came in the other direction! Recognised the cop instantly – he was one who regularly appears on one of the Highway patrol docos on TV.

    • Yes, Geoff it was great for the soul and has re-charged my personal ‘battery’! People I came across were friendly and I’m sure that in part it was attributable to the magnificient weather. You’ve done well to go 20 yrs without a ticket. I regard it as just one of the expenses of motoring here in Vic as we can be booked for 3 kms (walking pace) over the limit. There are so many hidden cameras around it is virtually impossible not to get pinged even if riding sensibly.

      PS. I’ve directed a young blogger named Adam to you as he’s writing about safety and advanced riding.

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