Helmet removal at the gas station

At least one company has pumps that provide a suitable, clean place to put the helmet ( & 98 RON) while fuelling up! This trivial post is just a trial for me posting with a pic via my iPhone! The Apps just keep rollling on.

4 thoughts on “Helmet removal at the gas station

  1. Nice and handy to be able to put your helmet somewhere its not going to fall off easily.
    I’ve been using my phone camera on my blog since February this year. I don’t think anyone has noticed. They take great photos these days. My phones camera is 16mp the same as my point and shoot camera. At least now I dont have to carry two devices around.

    • Steve, I agree – for online posting the camera in the iphone that I’m using is plenty good enough. It’s nice to be able to post via the Word Press App in that it saves me uploading to a picture repository and then linking to it. I’m going to start doing this for my other Ulysses focussed blog at https://tarsnakes.net/ as well.

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