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On Monday I took the ZX14R to Dynoverks in Boronia to have a major service done. It was left overnight so that the engine was cold on Tuesday for the valve clearance checking. The price quoted here was cheaper than the big dealerships and I’d had a personal recommendation from a former ZX14R owner who had work done there previously.

The major aspects were:

  • Valve clearances adjusted (three were out of spec)
  • Brakes bled and fluid replaced
  • Clutch fluid changed
  • Radiator coolant changed
  • Spark plugs replaced
  • Air filter replaced
  • Oil & filter changed
  • “Inspected” everything that you can think of

I’d really let the air filter go far too long and it was filthy, probably as a result of a trip to the Flinders Ranges. The fact that the bike was still running strongly and ¬†smoothly on a restricted air filter and on spark plugs that had done 57K kilometers is amazing to me.

I dropped in to see Pete de K on the way home. He was cleaning his prized ’64 EH Holden Special. This is a rare colour, low mileage and is immaculate and completely stock inside and out.

The traffic leaving Melbourne had thinned out by the time I got to the Westgate Bridge and I had a good run home. Happy to be back around 8.30pm on a very sweet running Kawasaki. I also received a follow up call from Dean at Dynoverks the next day to make sure that I was happy with their service and how the bike was running.





4 thoughts on “Major service

  1. Hi Jules,
    Are they iridium plugs in the ZX14R? They’re pretty long-lasting but fairly pricey. I bought mine from the UK for the Street Triple because even with freight, they were significantly cheaper. Also get my high quality headlight bulbs from the UK.

    Nice EH Holden – still see a few over here.

    • Geoff, yes they are iridium plugs and from memory they were around $25 each – but they’re not itimised on the invoice. Old Holdens are becoming surprisingly valuable over here. Especially now that all the 1970’s high performance cars are well over a $100K.

  2. I’m quite surprise that 3 of the valve clearances were out, usually they are pretty good. How many kms on the bike? I had 50K on my CBR600 and checked them and they were spot on.

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