Broadford Bike Bonanza 2017

Mike B from our local Ulysses Branch put out a call for anyone interested in accompanying him to the BBB on Easter Saturday, 15th April. Apparently I was the only taker, so he and I met at the BP servo near Lara (Melb side of Geelong) and took the most direct route via the Princes Hwy, Western Ring Rd and Hume Freeway to the Broadford motorcycle complex. This year we were able to park in a new spot, adjacent to the pits at the roadrace circuit which was great. The theme was ‘All things Ducati”, which other than bikes, included some famous past Aussie Ducati riders such as Troy Bayliss and Kevin Magee.

I was barely off the bike and bumped into Tom and Tim K, which made for a great start to the day. I’ve written previously about Tom’s mentoring and influence on me as a youngster HERE

Obviously there were some pretty exotic Dukes on display. The green framed bike is as rare as rocking horse poo!

But it wasn’t just Ducatis that caught my eye. A few ‘Green Meanies’ as they were known.

IOM racer, Cameron Donald, aboard the Irving Vincent.

Although there was an official autograph signing session on in the arvo, we saw Troy Bayliss and Kevin Magee in the pits and they very generously let us have a pic with them ┬áPity I’m looking so grim! Kevin come across as a really genuine, nice fella.

Michael with Troy Bayliss. It was worth the admission price just for that shot!

Nice Yamaha XS1

Video below may take a few moments to load

I didn’t bring my SLR camera this year, so virtually no ‘on track’ pics. What I can tell you though was just how fast Troy Bayliss and Kev Magee still are out on the track! Each of them were spectacular on their demo laps!

It was a great day out. For enthusiasts of old motorcycles, I have a gallery of photos HERE.

2 thoughts on “Broadford Bike Bonanza 2017

  1. Hi Jules,
    What a wonderful run and a terrific collection of photos. Isn’t it wonderful to see such classics being given little quarter on the track? Your photo of the 200cc Ducati Elite raised a whole lot of emotions as I had an identical one!! The engine was in poor order but the rest was ok. However, I actually bought it to turn it into a Tricati which was mentioned a few years ago in my blog. I still reckon that the Elite is one of the prettiest motorcycles ever made. That tank is a work of art!

    • Glad you enjoyed the pics Geoff, that little Duke certainly is an attractive machine. When I was in my teens I nearly bought a 450 desmo ‘Silver Shotgun’but didn’t because of reliability concerns……. if only I’d known then…….

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