All British Rally

Saturday 22nd April, Marty and I took a drive (in the car!) to the All Brit at Maldon. We left the ZX14’s in the garage as it had been raining overnight and most of the day before. The All Brit is based at Newstead, Vic, however, they take a short ride to the nearby historic town of Maldon where the old motorcycles and hundreds of spectators take over the main street for a few hours.

The BSA below was restored by my mate Andy, and only completed two days prior to the rally. His Commando Fastback is in the background.

First model Series A, Rapide – ¬†known as the ‘The Plumbers Nightmare’

That’s a smattering of motorcycles I photographed. Click on the link to see a gallery of pics. CLICK HERE

Jay Leno gives an authoritative run down on the Series A Rapide in the video below

2 thoughts on “All British Rally

  1. Hi Jules,
    Well what a magnificent collection of photos you’ve taken – congrats on some truly wonderful bike porn! There are some stunning bikes there. I particularly liked the shot of the chap on the pre-unit Triumph wearing a bubble visor. I had one of those when I was drag-racing.

    The V-twin Royal Enfield was intriguing. Is that an Australian-built crankcase?

    Thanks so much for publishing them!

    • Thanks for the feedback Geoff and I’m glad that you enjoyed the photos. It really is an incredible sight to see the main street of the little town bursting with (oil leaking) motorcycles. I’m not sure about the V twin RE, however, will ask a mate of mine who is sure to know.

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