Nevermind Adventure Torquay

Quite by chance I was invited to the opening of the Torquay shopfront for Nevermind Adventure. They specialise in guided motorcycle tours of Rajasthan, the Himalayas and Nepal. The business is run by Matt Natonewski, formerly operating out of Perth WA. You can check out their website HERE

Matt – proprietor of Nevermind Adventure

Some of the guests at the opening of the Pearl St store, Torquay

Below is a picture of Hamish, who was the lucky winner of a trip for two, valued at $10,000

I was quite surprised at how much the Royal Enfields have progressed since I last looked at one. The bike pictured had Brembo brakes, good suspension and left side gear change.

It was a really interesting evening hearing about their tours, meeting the owners of some other motorcycle businesses based in Torquay and just meeting other local motorcycle travel enthusiasts – and the free beers were great as well. Thanks Matt!


Helmets & Beemers

Our brief sample of Spring weather has passed and it’s back to Winter – hail yesterday and pouring right now that the weekend has come.

Marty is after a new helmet. Also, we’ve had some minor concerns regarding the seat height on the F800GS BMWs that we have arranged for our trip to New Zealand next year. The best way to sort these things out out was a Saturday morning trip to Elizabeth St in Melbourne to check out the helmets and down to Southbank BMW to check the seat heights on Beemers.

Peter Stevens motorcycles has a massive range of lids, just take a look at the picture below. Marty’s keen on a Shoei TZX, however, being a satisfied Shark owner, he’s also keen to try one of the the new generation Sharks that are just beginning to be released here. Unfortunately the Shark that he wanted to try on is still 3 weeks away from hitting the showroom floor. Mind you, I was gobsmacked to see the Shoei Multitec reduced to $599 and the salesman said he’d ‘do one’ for $550. That is a really great bargain for Oz pricing, normally they are $899 here. It’s no wonder that so many people buy non Oz compliant lids in from the USA though. However, the Multitec is not what Marty wants, so no helmet was purchased and we headed off to the BMW dealer a few kms away.

OK, so the ‘low’ seat height on the 800 is 850 mm (the Zx14 is a comfortable 800 mm). That 50 mm is quite a step up (excuse the pun). I’ve decided that I’m OK with the low seat GS, however, I certainly wouldn’t want to be on the standard 880 mm high seat. Marty’s now considering renting the F650 instead, especially as it will have additional weight up high with the top box & luggage.

Marty trying out the low seat version.

Interesting, for early on a Saturday morning,  the BMW dealership was full of customers – typically, grey haired, well healed looking folk who seemed to be buying premium products and motorcycles.

Now this is a premium motorcycle, at around $35K here! Yep, 1.6 litres of touring comfort.

So that was it for us, mission just about accomplished. If only it would stop raining we could actually ride some motorcycles instead of just looking at them!

Post script: It’s been miserable weather for the rest of the weekend, cold, raining and strong winds! The good news is that next weekend’s forecast looks like Spring weather again.