Agostini at Phillip Island 2013

“I love you Ago”- I wonder how many 71 yr olds get such adulation from an attractive woman at least 30 years their junior? Maybe that’s what 122 GP wins, 15 World Championships and lots of Italian charm can do! And she was serious …. I saw the look in her eyes!

The event was the 20th Island Classic at Phillip Island. Mrs T and I actually attended the very first one all those years ago.



 The replica

The real thing

The Island Classic incorporates an International Challenge series of races with teams from Australia, the UK, NZ and the USA. The UK team – check out the names on the fairing in the pic below.

A great thing about this event is the access to all areas of the track. We drove through the tunnel into the center of the track to access the pit area and later drove around to some vantage points trackside. Events like this tend to draw some pretty interesting spectators’ motorcycles as well. I probably spent as much time wandering about looking at race bikes in the pits and spectators’ bikes as I did watching the racing. Of the Japanese classics from the 1970’s that I grew up with, I noticed that there were some really nicely restored, but well ridden, Honda CB750’s (including a pair of K0 models) , BMW 90S, Kawasaki Z1’s and Honda CBX1000, as well as a few Moto Guzzi Le Mans that Mrs T is so fond of. The great thing is that many were carrying substantial luggage and had obviously been ridden from further afield that just Melbourne.

Here is a link to around 200 pics from the day. CLICK HERE

also some excellent professional pics and video from SDPICS photography on YouTube – click HERE