Porepunkah 2017

We had a great long weekend away with friends from the Ulysses Club last weekend, March 3-6. Others left on Friday and spent the first night in Sale and then traveled to Porepunkah via Bruthen and Mt Hotham. We rode up on Saturday and traveled from Geelong via Bacchus Marsh, Boadford, Yea, Mansfield, and then over to Whitfield and along the King Valley. Sunday we took a long loop up to the Murray River, which was a very scenic run. Some more detail to follow, just a few pics for now! Altogether Mrs Tarsnakes and I did 1400kms door to door and the ZX14R performed flawlessly. Thanks again to Ron H (AKA Gentle) for all the route planning and booking accomodation.

The mighty Kawasaki 

Great music on Saturday and Sunday night was the focal point for the group

Sunday’s route

Lunchtime at Walwa

Expensive fuel in Walwa

Mrs Tarsnakes & Tanya in Yackandandah

Downtown Yackandandah on a Sunday arvo

Afternoon drinks at The Rusty Bike

A backdrop of Crepe Myrtles – in Myrtleford!

A pit stop after the run from Whitfield to Mansfield


Last ride for 2015 …….

….and can’t wait to see what riding 2016 has to offer.

Two up to Timboon ….. and home via the 12 Apostles

Mrs T and I were greeted with a beautiful sunny morning and a forecast of a pleasant 24C for our last ride for 2015. Our destination was the Timboon distillery for lunch via backroads and then home along a short section of the Great Ocean Road. Mrs T actually cheated and drove her car to friends’ place 70 kms away and then rode pillion for the ride loop. We wanted to keep away from the main parts of the GOR due to the recent and ongoing bushfires there.


I made a decision to travel to Timboon along the Carlisle River road which weaves through heavy bush that grows virtually up to the roadside, with just a very small margin of green grass on the road verge. Taking that route in the morning was a bit of a mistake as there were a number of small black wallabies on the road verge who were very difficult to see in in shadows. I didn’t spot the first two which Mrs T spotted and alerted me to. I then slowed down, kept my eyes peeled and subsequently spotted another four. Fortunately none hopped out in front of us!

We pulled up at a nice little spot in Simpson for morning coffee. In what is an otherwise unremarkable little township, there is a lovely little picnic area complete with a small man-made lake.

After a drink and reading some of the info about how the bush was cleared in the 1950’s it was only a short on some quiet back roads to the Timboon Distillery for lunch.

The still

We enjoyed a tasty lunch and were offered a free whisky tasting, which alas we declined prior to riding. As we were leaving we met and had a chat with a great couple from Tasmania who have been touring Victoria for the last week or so. They were aboard a Triumph triple Explorer and were really satisfied with it as a two-up touring machine. Ride safe guys and smooth sailing back to Tassie on New Years Day.

We fuelled up in Timboon to avoid the mayhem of tourist season in Port Campbell and headed for the 12 Apostles in gorgeous riding conditions. The sky was blue, the sun was getting hot but there was a lovely sea breeze coming off the ocean. Tourists were all over the Apostles area, from a distance it looked like a swarm of ants crawling all over the place, so we kept going, hence no pics of the Apostles.

The last time I rode the twisty section of the GOR from Gellibrand Lower to Yuulong I had a brilliant run and didn’t encounter a single car going my way. Today was the exact opposite, and we saw two cars whose drivers exhibited some of the most dangerous and discourteous driving I’ve ever seen. One little Toyota virtually stopped on every curve and failed to pull into the overtaking lanes despite a line of cars following (and the SUV behind sounding its horn and flashing its lights). The other was a black Mercedes station wagon which weaved from side to side, frequently drifted across the double white lines and nearly side swiped a tourist bus! It was scary stuff to observe!

We had a brief pit stop in Lavers Hill and then a really enjoyable run down through the bush to Gellibrand and on to Colac to or friend’s place. Unfortunately I forgot to photograph Steve’s newest Norton single project now that he has completed the latest resto, a 1938 Norton, which you can read about HERE.

I took an easy run down the Princes Highway to get home, having had a great last ride for 2015 of approx 375 kilometers in perfect riding conditions. Roll on 2016 and HAPPY NEW YEAR!



Motorcyclists & successful ageing

Geoff James of Confessions of an Ageing Motorcyclist has provoked some really interesting dialogue as a result of a post on his blog earlier this month entitled “Whats age got to do with it”.

This has included some email discussions which I have been fortunate to have been party to with David L Hough, motorcyclist, journalist and author, from the USA.

Further to that topic I came across this gem linked from Pashnit.com. It’s well worth a look! (see link below)

What do People Live For

And some more on this topic. ABC TV screened a documentary about an 85 year old motorcyclist. He’s a life long motorcyclist who set himself the goal of doing 52,000 kms in 52 weeks during his 85th year!

You can watch it online HERE 

Viwers outside of Australia click HERE