World Trials Championship

Team Tarsnakes were accompanied by Team Tekrodes to attend the World Trials event at Mt Tarrengower near Maldon in Vic.This is the first trials event I’ve ever attended at it was so spectacular that at times I had trouble believing what my eyes were seeing. I have a few pics and some video, however, none none of them really capture how steep some of the climbs were and just how skillful the riders are – especially the top 10 professional riders. It was very much an international event, with lots of instructions being called out in Spanish, Italian or French. As I said, I know virtually nothing about trials and it was intriguing to me that the top riders had a “minder” to guide them during the tricky climbs and catch the bike it they failed to make it. It was much the same as the golfer having a caddy. Some had headsets for minder to rider comms, others just yelled. It was really amusing to hear the intensity of Bou’s minder before a difficult climb and then Bou yelling out “ready” (which sounded more like ‘reeedy’) before each run.

There was a scoreboard at each section. Numbers indicate points lost. The max that can be lost each section is 5. The observers have a tough job at times and we heard Dabill having a big rant re losing his points!

Some of my video HERE

Another video. HERE. Just check out how fit Ferrer’s minder in the green vest is, scrambling from one side of the ravine to the other – and shouting instructions!

Event results HERE