A few random shots that I like!  Click on a pic to see it larger, then use the back button to return to the page.

Chandelier Tree CA, USA, 2010

Sir Al on the Irving VincentPic by Martin O

Vale MarcoVale Stephen  – aka “Old Number 1” (founder of the Ulysses Club).

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  1. Fantastic collage Jules , I love some of those early shots of you with your previous mounts ,also the “Moses in the bullrushes shot ” yet the last ride may well have the number one technical shot ,of that F800 Beema with the low cloud and mountains in the background…., the NZ ride will be a hard act to follow !

  2. Yo Jules, Great bit of viewing, mainly all the ones of me, just joking, the old pics are fab, especially the only one of your good self with the other 4 fellas with the 2 bikes on the farm. Would be the only shot of you without a bit of growth around your gob, the 750 k2 near the river brings back memories, loved the bloke on the ktm with the Queensland riding gear, the shots with the 600and the z1000, man look at the waist line, Jules what happened, its great that you have those shots .
    Bill r

    • G’day Bill

      I’ve stacks of old prints in albums and even a few old black & whites that make for interesting viewing I can tell you! It’s just so much work to scan them, they probably won’t ever see the light of day online. Now about the waistline, I’m working on it and have shed a few kilos over summer actually.

    • Hello Raymond, thanks for dropping bye. I’ve linked to your web site and I’m thoroughly enjoying reading through it. I’m finding your trips very inspirational and hope to follow suite in the (relatively) near future. I really enjoyed your history of your motorcycles and loved the set up of your CB750 Honda. I’ve owned two of them in the past. For some pics of my motorcycle nostalgia click on the link below
      My good mates Steve & Andy are very much into historic bikes, and we have a very ‘tongue in cheek’ website at

      West Coast Procrastinators

      I’m quite new to the Ulysses Club. Let’s hope our paths do cross.

      All the best, Jules.

      • Hi Jules, Thanks for the follow-up and I am glad you enjoyed the articles on my site as I am super impressed with yours. I love the stories and images and The Retro and West Coast Procrastinators web sites too. It will take me months to wade through them all! Checked out your CB750’s and the K2 model looks just like my K1. Possibly even the same brown colour.

        I have added a link to your site and will mention it to my FB page tonight. I look forward to catching up if we can. If down your way I’ll email and arrange something. Feel free to do the same if you are ever up my way.

        All the best, Raymond

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