Tyre Plug

About a year ago I got a piece of glass through a near new Michelin Pilot Road 2. At AUD$300 for a PR2 fitted, I was reluctant to ditch the tyre because of a puncture, despite having a long trip planned. After some advice on various forums I had it professionally plugged.

The plugged tyre performed flawlessly for over 8,000 kms, including a trip through the Snowy Mountains in summer, fully loaded with gear, with temps nudging the 40C mark some days.

Exterior view

Interior view

Tragedy in the Iron Butt Rally 2009

Devastating news this morning regarding Davo Jones, an Aussie competitor in the 2009 IBR held in the USA. Davo hit a deer less than 3 hours from completing this 11 day event. His family report that he has sustained a serious head injury and that his condition is grave. Davo is the founder of FarRiders, a long distance motorcycling group in Oz.

For those who are unfamiliar with the IBR here is what it’s all about click here

Davo video

Sad news from the FarRider’s website this afternoon from Davo’s family that he has died as a result of his injuries.

RIP Davo Jones.

Great Ocean Road run

We had an unexpectedly good day for winter, so Marty & I made the most of the opportunity to go for a run.

In Apollo Bay we talked to some folk from Colac, proud Ulysses club members . The woman who rides this Can Am Spyder took up motorcycling later in life when she & her husband retired from farming. She’s done 10,000 ks on the Spyder since last Christmas she said. It turned out that we had met him previously – in Straun Tasmania back in Feb 2008 when we were touring there with the guys.

We had a great run from Apollo Bay around to Lorne, hardly any traffic going our way. However, I’m developing a case of Toyota Yaris Phobia (TYP) – fear of the (rental) Yaris (with OS driver) cutting across the white line onto my side of the road head on around the corners! There were many people stopped just out of Lorne at Cathedral Rock looking at the whales.

We pulled up in front of the Arab for a hot drink. The street scape in Lorne is a mess at present – some major changes happening, but a hell of a mess at present!

Talked to a guy with a 50th anniversary VFR800.
We had a fantastic run from Lorne inland back to Geelong via Deans Marsh and the Cape Otway Road. I couldn’t believe that I was actually too hot when I pulled up at home – incredible for the middle of winter.

A grand day out, 318 Ks and no performance awards!

Andy’s Commando on YouTube

The first bit of video I ever shot – complete with finger obscuring the lens at one stage! Now it’s heading for 30K views, how is that possible? Listen to the audio as the Norton goes up the hill and you will know why.

Here’s Steve’s Commando on You Tube

Mid winter on the Great Ocean Road

Marty & I took our usual circuit ride from Geelong to Colac on backroads, Colac to Gellibrand for a hot drink, Laver’s Hill & then back to Geelong via Apollo Bay & Lorne on the Great Ocean Road.
Marty was cosy in his appropriately named Dririder “Arctic”.

We were well prepared in full winter gear – it was only 9C when we left and was colder up in the Otways – though nudged up around 13C at one stage! I’m not sure that it’s a great idea to be watching the ambient temp guage so much on these winter rides. We were probably pretty lucky to get as much sunshine as we did, though the roads were quite greasy in some places . I’m just about up for a new front tyre and as I cranked into some of the wet hairpins I was thinking that sooner may be better than later!
Dirty bikes in main Street Apollo Bay

The weather looked a bit grim for the run home through the twisties & sure enough it was raining between Apollo Bay & Lorne. Being the first day of the School holidays there were cops in unmarked cars & speed cameras everywhere. We were actually followed part of the way from Lorne to Fairhaven by a marked police SUV.

First winter ride for 2009

Took my first ride for winter. The roads were dry, the traffic moderate (long weekend) and I
was desperate for some “motorcycle therapy”.I left early and it was pretty chilly – there was still some frost about inland.

Breakfast here, but no Prickly Moses when I’m riding!

Saw a fly!
Saw way too much of this unfortunately.

One of my favorite places. The Aire River on the Great Ocean Road inland section. First looking North of the bridge.
Then looking South of the bridge.

There were even a few spots of rain on the way home, but I managed to stay warm & dry. The new textile riding pants were excellent.

Stimulus package on Elizabeth St Melbourne

I went to Melbourne this morning to collect my Dainese Galvestone textile pants that I’d had on order from Peter Stevens motorcycles in Elizabeth Street. Thanks for the stimulus package $’s Kevin Rudd! For those not familiar with Melbourne, Elizabeth St in downtown Melbourne has a strip with 105 year history of motorcycle shops.

It was great dealing with a salesman named Bill, who was knowledgeable about their products and had an approach that appealed to a mature rider like myself. I find some of the younger guys seem to think that their customers have to be “kewl” to be worthy of their attention. I’ve noticed at the big dealerships these young guys are often on traineeships and don’t last long anyway.

First textile pants I’ve ever purchased – should be good now that winter is upon us here in the southern hemisphere.
Gortex whats more!
Maybe I’ll get the matching jacket if I get a decent tax return, check out the Gator.

I wandered down to Peter Stevens new store in A’Beckett St. This houses the Hardley Ableson, Triumph & MV Agusta dealerships as well as a “clearance centre”. This place is big & kinda like K Mart.

I’d quite like to take this for a run.

Lotsa Triumphs – this is but a few of them.