Monday’s forecast was for fog followed by sunshine, which was very welcome after a wintery weekend. Better still, there is great Autumn (Fall for those of you in North America) weather forecast for the rest of the week. I left home around 10.00am in fog, however, it had lifted by the time I was 10 kms down the road. Just for a change I planned to ride the inland, rainforest section of Great Ocean Road in a clockwise direction, which provided a different perspective on this very familiar countryside – which I really enjoyed.

My first stop was the West Barwon dam.

I then tracked further inland through the Otway Ranges to Apollo Bay for lunch at the bakery. The road conditions were a bit a bit tricky actually, with sunlit entries to curves dry, but the shaded exits wet and greasy ( or vice versa). However, it kept me on my toes and I thoroughly enjoyed the ride. From Apollo Bay my next stop was at Gibson’s Steps – near the 12 Apostles.

View from Gibson’s steps. (Grrr – dirty lens on camera!)

I didn’t stop at the Apostles and continued on to near-bye Port Campbell for a drink and some fuel. The bike was showing the ambient temp as 18C. The place was virtually deserted except for some international tourists in their camper vans. To my surprise a couple of people headed for the waves for a swim. (Perhaps they were from the UK and thought it was summer!).

The ZX14 probably didn’t really quite need fuel,especially at $1.75 per litre! However by gassing up here I was able to do a non stop, inland run back to Geelong.  After concentrating hard in the twisty and shaded sections of the ride, it was actually great just cruising along through the farming country with the sun shining on me. By the time I got home at 4.00pm the air was getting chilly and I had done 379 kms of enjoyable riding.




Unexpected afternoon ride

I looked at the overcast sky all morning procrastinating whether or not to fire up the bike and go for a ride. Lunch time came and went and the weather seemed to pick up a little. It’s daylight saving time now so I thought it wouldn’t matter if I left late, so by around 2.00pm I bit the bullet and headed off for a short run to Deans Marsh. I decided to head up through the bush to Lorne, but only traveled a couple of k’s when the heavens opened up. I wasn’t in the mood for getting wet so turned around and headed west to Otway Estate winery & brewery.

I believe that Oktoberfest is held in September in Munich because the weather’s better. They’re sticklers for (German) tradition in the Aussie bush though!

There was nothing much happening here and it looked remarkably sunny to the south so I decided to head on towards Beech Forest. I pulled in and took a couple of shots of the ZX14 at the tourist info place.

This is was timber country from the late 1800’s until quite recently.

This old photo caught my eye – why was she riding a bullock I wonder?

I headed down Turton’s Track to link up with the Apollo Bay road and then headed through the bush to Forrest, then back home to Geelong via the back roads. All up it was a great ride of around 250 kms, all the better for being so unexpected today. The afternoon in the bush really lit the fuse on my hay fever though, I’m off for some antihistamines right now – oh, and it’s raining outside!